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Editorial: Anderson Center enriches community

Living in one of the world's loveliest places would grow tedious if geographic beauty were all we had. Without imagination and vision, without someone challenging us, provoking us, urging us to grow, struggle and change, we would languish in insipid boredom. Red Wing would have no depth or character or heart.

In 15 short years, the Anderson Center has become integral to our community, making us think, expand our views and learn new things. The Tower View campus also serves as a window on the world, bringing international artists to our quaint rivertown for residencies that offer them respite but also require interaction with area citizens. As a result, each writer, painter and sculptor leaves a little richer for the experience and we're a little richer, too.

Celebrate with the center this weekend, and embrace what we can become through the arts under the Anderson Center's leadership.