Column: Take 12 steps to prepare for disasters


Q: How do I prepare my family for a natural disaster?

A: Thank you for the question as it is very timely as September is "National Preparedness Month."

Our community can face a natural disaster at any time, disaster like floods, tornadoes, fires or man-made hazards (oil spill, explosions) can happen with little or no warning — but if we are prepared as a community, we will know how to respond appropriately.

Download a free 12-step plan to prepare your family for natural disasters

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Make a plan.

The goal: Understand what puts you at risk from disasters and take steps to lower your risk.

2. Water.

The goal: Have enough water on-hand for your family to last three days (72 hours). This should be about 3 gallons per person.

3. Sheltering:

The goal: Know how to respond safely when instructions are given to evacuate or take shelter.

4. Food.

The goal: Have an emergency food supply that will meet the needs of your household for three days without outside help.

5. Work, school, community

The goal: Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand and act on information received in an emergency

6. Unique family needs.

The goal: Be aware of and prepare for your family's unique needs.

7. Communication plan.

The goal: Have the ability to communicate with family members during a disaster

8. Get involved.

The goal: Make your community stronger by getting trained and getting involved.

9. Be informed.

The goal: Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand and act on information received in an emergency.

10. Power.

The goal: Be able to safely meet your basic needs during an electrical outage.

11. First aid.

The goal: be prepared to give first aid while waiting for an ambulance.

12. Code Red & Do 1 Thing.

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