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Column: Slocum promotes local land stewardship

Awarding a Golden Quill to the writer of a politically charged letter carries the risk that people will think that the REaders' Board endorses a particular point of view.

When the board met earlier this month, members discussed several letters. The one by Beth Slocum published April 1, 2017, and reprinted on this page rose to the top. Members said they especially appreciated that the letter issues a call to action.

Slocum lives in Vasa Township. She urges people to call state lawmakers and "tell them not to limit the power of citizens, township or local governments."

In a world of tweets, texts and Facebook posts, a thoughtful, thought-provoking letter to the editor adds needed depth to public debate, no matter which side of an issue your opinion might fall.

We invite you to read Slocum's letter again.

Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson is news director with RiverTown Multimedia. 

(651) 301-7870