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Column: Letter blends civics lesson with appreciation

This region each year makes Memorial Day truly memorable for the right reasons: Local communities hold ceremonies in parks, on the riverbanks and in cemeteries honoring those killed in action and those veterans who have died in the past year.

Dedicated volunteers and strong veterans organizations put in significant hours to make these events special, as Christopher Rayner pointed out in his June 9 letter to the editor. He also noted a community's role in helping citizens -- starting with school children -- appreciate the sacrifices men and women in the armed forces make to ensure we stay a free country.

A key part of the letter, REaders' Board members noted in awarding the June Golden Quill, was his encounter with a visitor. You can access the letter via a link and read it yourself.

"I attended Memorial Day ceremonies. I heard this type of conversation and am glad Christopher put it into words," board member Bunny Petersen said.

The REaders' Board also awarded an honorable mention this month to Patricia Irrthum, the president of the Goodhue County Farmers Union. Her letter reminded all of us what an integral role farming -- dairy farming in particular -- plays in the local economy.

Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson is news director with RiverTown Multimedia. 

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