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Column: Neighbors' Corner moves to FYI

FYI: Neighbors' Corner has a new home in the Republican Eagle.

In the past, we published photos from our readers once every couple weeks. Sometimes a month might go by between "corners."

Under our twice-weekly publication cycle, we've decided to run these items on our FYI pages. We think photos about clubs, organizations, grants and donations fit the "for your information" theme quite well.

That doesn't preclude us from dedicating a page to Neighbors' Corner items if there's the demand, but for now we'll strive for publishing a few pictures each week on FYI.

Here's how Neighbors' Corner works.

1. Someone snaps a photo or writes a short article about an event.

2. They drop it off at the R-E office or send it to

3. We publish it, provided the photo is in focus and space allows.

Service clubs probably utilize Neighbors' Corner the most often; they regularly share events during a calendar year -- election of officers, fundraisers, cleanup days and so on.

Neighbors' Corner should reflect our readers' lives, so we encourage agencies, organizations, church groups and nonprofits also to submit items.

Keep in mind that not all items submitted to Neighbors' Corner end up there. When R-E staff members think a photo or item fits one of our regular theme pages better -- a photo of a church youth group might go on the Saturday religion page, for example -- we publish it elsewhere.

When you submit a photo, be sure to include who is in the photograph, when it was taken and your daytime telephone number in case there are questions.

We look forward to publishing your news.

Anne Jacobson

Anne Jacobson has been editor of the Republican Eagle since December 2003. 

(651) 301-7870