Letter: Cannon Valley Trail is a gathering place


The Cannon Valley Trail is an important regional trail that provides a great outdoor experience for children through senior adults.

It is a gathering place for people of many ethnic backgrounds, beliefs and physical abilities. I have witnessed in the last 30 years a tremendous growth in the number of users.

Nice weather on a summer weekend brings out an extraordinary number of users ... how nice it is to see parents and their children (sans electronics) on the trail.

Considering the age of the trail, I am certain it is a significant challenge to keep all aspects of the infrastructure safe and up to date. Adding some modern conveniences is also a great idea. The trail administrators have proven beyond doubt that they have the ability, experience and foresight necessary to make the trail even better.

It is my deep hope that the governments involved will financially increase their support for the Cannon Valley Trail in order to accomplish many of the objectives indicated in the planning document.

Side note: When finished with our biking, now what? Of course, it's frequently to a bar-and-grill for some grub. My spouse likes the Cannon River Winery. In Red Wing there are several places we enjoy from time to time. It seems others probably do the same. Do motels get any business as a result of the CVT attraction? Gas stations? Farmers market? Family restaurants? Grocery stores? I hope the business communities of Cannon Falls and Red Wing have an appreciation for the Cannon Valley Trail.

Keep up the great work!

Doug Oines