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Letter: Hedin-Hartnagel pays in many ways

To the editor:

The Hedin-Hartnagel Memorial Fund celebrates its 60th year this spring, offering an excellent opportunity to honor its efforts to support the post-secondary pursuits of over 1,000 Red Wing High School graduates over the years.

The Hedin-Hartnagel Memorial Fund is a living tribute to the legacy of Dr. Raymond Hedin and Dr. Grant Hartnagel, founders of the Interstate Clinic, who devoted extraordinary energy and enthusiasm to the Red Wing community. The fund's mission is to financially assist Red Wing High School graduates with their post-secondary education. Many loan recipients have returned to Red Wing and have continued to enhance the quality of life in their home town.

Currently, students are able to borrow up to $1,250 per semester and up to $10,000 total for education expenses. These loans are interest free until six months after a student's graduation date. The fund grants on average around 60 loans per semester, and is currently aiding over 100 students in their pursuit of a post-secondary degree.

The current loan application for fall 2017 is found on the Red Wing High School website, and interviews for these loans will be held the second week of June.

The organization continually seeks donors to continue the work. If you would like to help support the fund's efforts, please contact Dodie Harris at 651-388-8921 or email

Jim Leise

Red Wing

Jim Leise teaches at Red Wing High School and is a member of the Hedin-Hartnagel Memorial Fund board.