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Editorial: Township residents, vote with purpose and pride

Government should do what individuals can't do for themselves, such as build roads and bridges, advance public health, protect natural resources, and defend and safeguard communities, states and the nation. In a free country, people choose who will coordinate these actions.

Such an election in its purest form will take place Tuesday, March 14, in townships across Minnesota.

Eligible voters typically will elect one supervisor and a clerk or treasurer. The winners are empowered and entrusted to handle zoning, infrastructure and so on at the local level.

There are no Republicans, Democrats or third-party politicians sniping at one another. There are no claims of wiretapping, challenges to birthright or twisting of reality with the express purpose of distracting, misleading, persuading or outright fooling of the public. These township officers represent fellow citizens in a very immediate way while tackling the day-to-day realities of rural life.

Some years, the issues have been substantial in Goodhue County: thefts of anhydrous ammonia used in manufacturing of meth, the mining of silica sand for fracking, the overrun of vermin, the spreading of biosolids, and so on.

While no single rural issue has surfaced in 2017, there is a greater sense of unease with our republic. Township residents have a chance to push that aside and take pride in grassroots democracy. We hope they head to the polls Tuesday and support those local leaders doing good work for their neighbors, township and county.