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Letter: DeVos' confirmation is a slap in the face

To the editor:

The confirmation of Betsy DeVos, who has no basic knowledge of the department which she is to run, is personal to me.

If you have never worked in or had experience in any section of an entity, how do you get hired for the job? What employers would go out of their way to assure that a resume didn't matter?

One of my children is protected by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. DeVos had no idea that IDEA existed for millions of American children.

My daughter has been a part of the Red Wing early education program since she was an infant. These champions have been nothing less than a source of advocacy, knowledge, guidance and emotional support. They have kept my child from being alienated and falling behind, all while fostering my daughter's sense of pride and belief in herself.

I have three children lucky enough to be a part of our school district. I grew up here and hold near and dear those teachers that saw things in myself I didn't even know existed. Everyone had those teachers here.

To watch Vice President Mike Pence smirk on C-SPAN after casting the tie-breaking vote was a slap in the face to educators and the people they serve.

The most unfortunate thing is that my daughter's future with these programs and the millions of other vulnerable children are now at risk. This is at the expense of Americans wanting to be great again. There has been no swamp draining nor greatness yet shown. We have been manipulated with catchphrases and false ideology that the elderly, children and our veterans mattered to GOP government in this last election.

The education of our children in this country has never been as partisan an issue to the extent shown here.

I would like everyone to apologize to their children. We have left them behind while enjoying and defending the absolute embarrassing chaos we have seen from the White House.

Sara Poole

Red Wing