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Letter: Afghanis long for peace; come learn about it

To the editor:

With so much going on since the elections Nov. 8 and the lead-up to the inauguration, many of you may have forgotten or overlooked America's longest war, namely the war in Afghanistan. Even now there are rumors of more U.S. troops going to Afghanistan in Helmand province, an area where repeated deployments have not achieved the degree of stability we desire.

You have to ask yourself: What will we ever achieve there that will help the people of Afghanistan and of course our own people here in the United States? After nearly 16 years of war, that answer still eludes us.

Troop redeployments in Afghanistan hardly make the news here in the U.S. You can be sure that it is very big news to the Afghan people. They are sick of war and hope that this violence will end soon.

We do not hear about the pleas of the average Afghani as you will not find it in mainstream news media. Kathy Kelly is a courageous person who has been going back to Afghanistan repeatedly to be among them. Ms. Kelly is a co-founder of Voices For Creative Nonviolence and speaks all over the world. She will tell you directly what the Afghanis want and it is not what our government wants to hear or for you to hear.

Kelly also recently visited Russia with a delegation and spoke directly with Russian people on the U.S./ Russian relations and the actions of NATO. She will report on what she heard there.

You have the opportunity to hear Kelly right here in Red Wing. She will speak 5:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 22, at the Fair Trade Bookstore, 320 Bush St. She is a dynamic speaker and will be most informative. The event is open and free for all to attend. If you have questions about this event, call 651-764-1866.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing