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Letter: Elected officials must represent all of us always

I have to say that I am disappointed with our past election. I'm disappointed that a candidate chose to use the presidential platform to insult numerous individuals on countless occasions for a variety of reasons without ever issuing an apology. How our president-elect conducted himself spoke volumes of his character. His words and actions on the campaign go against nearly everything I try to instill in my children and hold them accountable for. I am disappointed that people didn't demand better of someone looking to lead our country and guide the direction of our youth.

There are many days that I send my 6-year-old off to school and I simply tell him "be good, do good." I tell both my children on a regular basis the need to be kind, respectful, inclusive and mindful of those less fortunate. I tell them that love is a wonderful thing that should be celebrated in all its forms and that family is who you surround yourself with. My hope is that they will be better individuals for it.

I hope in the coming days as our newly elected officials take office they remember how close many of their races were. I hope they remember that they are introducing policies that affect all of us and not just the ones that voted them in.

I hope they conduct themselves in a way that makes all of us proud of their service and in a way that shows all of our children the progress that can be made when you work together in a respectful manner. I hope they can do more than lead a few but become great leaders for all.

Above all I hope that they demand better of themselves and hold those accountable when they fail to represent all of us fairly. If that is the direction they choose, we will all be better individuals because of it.

Nikki Lewis

Red Wing