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Letter: We share pride in community

To the Editor:

Thanks to everyone for your comments as I visited with you in your homes, at your workplaces and at community forums. I greatly appreciate your time and interest. I hope I have earned your trust, your friendship and your vote.

I want each of you to know that I got your message. I understand the importance of keeping our natural resources pristine. I agree that Red Wing needs a seat at the table as local communities create their silica sand mining policies.

I know residents want your elected representatives to keep a lid on taxes and spending. I realize the value Red Wing families place on safe neighborhoods, and the importance of having a say in decisions that affect your lives. I will not forget that our seniors deserve a city government that recognizes the tremendous value of their experience to our future success and our children deserve the best start in life we can provide.

I will bring citizen ideas to the City Council as well as helping with the problems of everyday life. A call or email to me will get you a response.

I know the people of Red Wing take great pride in our community. I need your vote on Tuesday so we can join together and work as partners to make our city a better place.

Samantha Tix

Red Wing

Samantha Tix is a candidate for Red Wing mayor.