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Letter: Consider the mayor's role

To the Editor:

The role of our mayor: What is it? Great question and I appreciate the opportunity as we approach this very important election for our city.

I believe the role of mayor has some very important aspects, both formal and informal. The formal being the recognized official head of the city, selecting and appointing board members and commissioners, providing legislative leadership and membership, participation in associations that help govern our community, and trustworthiness in decision-making. In addition, our mayor contributes to the community through informal roles such as promoter, advocate, supporter, and all-around representative. In essence, the role of the mayor is leadership, teamwork, responsibility, and promotion of this wonderful city we call home.

In reviewing these important roles, I value your trust and believe I have the experience, qualifications and ambition to fulfill this important position at this important time.

I've had the privilege to serve this great nation in the U.S. Navy and learned a great deal about teamwork, responsibility and leadership. I've also had the opportunity to hold a number of leadership roles in the business world as well as co-leading my family with my wife, Jayne. I have learned there are many ways to lead and the most effective leaders adjust to their environment, team, challenge and opportunity.

My education and experience has prepared me well and with your support, I'm ready to hit the ground running.

I'm proud of this community with all of its gifts and opportunities and consider myself a Red Wing fanatic! While I am not blind to the challenges ahead, we'll work on them together. We'll prioritize and hold ourselves accountable. I will work tirelessly and proactively to promote our city in a responsible and professional manner. I will ensure that tax dollars will be used responsibly in securing the best value and return on our investments.

I will also work with local neighborhoods to ensure your concerns are a priority. As I have walked and knocked on doors, I have heard your message that our taxes are too high. I agree.

I have stressed from the beginning my belief in balance. We need to live within our means in government just as we do in our personal finances.

Please join me in enabling Red Wing to be the best place to live, work, and play. I'm asking for your help on Election Day, June 11, and beyond.

John Sachen

Red Wing

John Sachen is a candidate for Red Wing mayor.