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Editorial: Please make special effort

Should just 14 percent of Red Wing's eligible voters choose the next mayor? That's essentially what happened in 2011. Dennis Egan technically won a majority (if you can call it that) of the small vote and then went on to win re-election.

Two years later the community finds itself heading back to the polling booth, but with one key difference: This time six candidates want the post instead of two.

Unfortunately, potential exists that someone could win Tuesday's special election by carrying about 5 percent of the eligible electorate's approval. Really.

If only 14 percent of those eligible cast ballots and these are evenly split, then someone will need little more than a sixth of the votes -- nearly 3 percent -- to win. Even if the 2013 turnout is more than double that of 2011, the winner could take the mayor's office with just over 5 percent.

Do we expect the balloting to be that close? No.

Still, the community has little chance of having a mayor who carries the majority of anything.

We urge every eligible voter to make a special effort to have a voice in choosing Red Wing's next mayor.