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Letters: Tix provides voters with a choice

To the Editor:

I support Samantha Tix's candidacy. She brings just the right mix of business insight, community activism and commitment to Red Wing.

Many others have described her various achievements. I want to tell you what I have observed first-hand over a period of time.

Samantha is smart, steady, focused and a wonderful listener. She began this campaign with an in-depth understanding of the major issues facing us and has only grown wiser since then. She understands and supports sensible growth while recognizing that our historic community and environment are our precious legacy.

She understand the need for an excellent school system and will bring all of her educational background and advocacy skills into play, and use the mayor's office to help Red Wing's children succeed.

She is an inclusive leader who believes in reaching decisions through consensus. She is non-partisan by nature and earns the respect of all who come to know her.

If we elect Samantha Tix, we will have taken a giant step toward increased pride in, and respect for, our elected officials.

Skip Bombach

Red Wing

To the Editor:

We are excited about the excellent choice Samantha Tix offers for voters. We would like to share with you who she is and why you should elect her mayor of Red Wing on June 11.

Samantha nurtures and builds. She has an understanding and a forgiving heart. She looks for the best in people, and she leaves people better than she found them.

She is a volunteer reading teacher, helping Red Wing kids prepare for the future. After school, she gives her time to the YPAL program. The YMCA program focuses on improving the lives and futures of children in need by providing caring, positive role models to encourage and challenge them.

Samantha has gained a diverse set of skills while working with many facets of our community. Whether tutoring or mentoring our city's children, or helping seniors make decisions about their futures, she has learned to listen and respond to people in a wide array of settings and situations.

This experience has allowed her to develop strong leadership, administrative and communication competence. She will use her skills to build a bridge between our residents and city government while fostering a safe environment that is welcoming to all.

Samantha will encourage citizen participation in thoughtful discussions on city policies and the tax implications of our very complex budget. She will look for creative ways to be fiscally responsible and embrace technology in this digital age.

Samantha Tix knows that when government partners with residents, communities prosper. She is ready to work hard for Red Wing.

Renee and Wes McGrath

Red Wing

To the Editor:

I strongly support the election of Samantha Tix to the office of mayor. I have been friends with Samantha for many years. She has the good judgment, objectivity and open-mindedness so valuable to making government work.

She would be an actively engaged mayor, impacting the city's multi-million dollar budget, as well as strategies adopted by our City Council, that will shape our community for years to come.

Please vote for Samantha Tix. She will work together with citizens to move Red Wing forward.

Jeremy Stone

Red Wing