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Letter: Red Wing needs Bender at helm

To the Editor:

Dan Bender will be the best possible mayor for Red Wing.

I am voting for Dan because of his thoughtful and focused vision for our City. He takes the time to really listen to people, their thoughts and hopes as well as their concerns and uncertainties. He asks questions. He thinks about what he has heard, and then makes a decision or comment as needed.

Dan's experience in the business world as well as his four years on City Council helped him fine-tune his ability to work closely and carefully with all people. And that is a skill that is in short supply in today's fast-paced world. Making time to really hear and understand what is important to all of us, the people of Red Wing, is what I am looking for in our next mayor.

Dan's vision for a better Red Wing is influenced largely on what the citizens of Red Wing share with him. The future of Red Wing will be bright with Dan Bender at the helm.

Barbara von Haaren

Red Wing