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Editorial: Commence meeting new obligations

The last of the area's 2013 high school seniors will walk across the stage this weekend.

Starting in late May families and friends have seen hundreds of local students celebrate an important milestone -- one that symbolizes the start of adult life.

The Republican Eagle again features a student from most area schools. The greater community should take pride in these young adults' academic and personal achievements. Clearly, a talented group graduated this spring.

Graduation surely is an end to a high school career, but leaving childhood behind is the beginning of a journey.

Some graduates will go on to two- and four-year colleges. Others will enlist in the military. And some will learn a trade or enter the workforce.

Their adult responsibilities will reflect their choices.

Students going straight to work, you will be expected to contribute starting immediately to your community -- paying taxes, perhaps joining civic organizations or volunteering.

Graduates heading for further education, you owe it to yourself and to those supporting you -- including taxpayers -- to take your studies seriously so you can contribute to society upon your next graduation day.

Those of you joining the military have taken on one of the greatest responsibilities in the world: protecting and projecting the light of freedom.

Class of 2013, many opportunities and challenges await you.