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Letter: Bender is best

To the Editor:

I support Dan Bender for mayor of Red Wing. Dan knows the city and has experience in city government, having served effectively on the City Council from 2009 to 2013. He understands the issues facing the city and brings a thoughtful common sense approach in dealing with them.

Dan will promote continued economic development for the future, but only where it does not compromise the quality of life in Red Wing: tourism, recreational opportunities, entertainment, existing small business, entrepreneurs and startups. Having come from a technology background, Dan knows that much future economic development will be in high-tech businesses and will work to promote them in Red Wing.

The city must prioritize and spend tax dollars wisely in ways that enhance our future and are not wasteful or burdensome to city taxpayers. Dan understands this and will work with the City Council to ensure that this is done in an open and transparent way.

Dan has taken a stand against frac sand mining in the Red Wing area because while it may benefit some, it will also compromise our quality of life. Much of the local economy depends on tourism and recreational opportunities because of the bluffs and scenic location, and mining would affect those businesses that depend on them.

Please vote for thoughtful, responsible leadership. Vote Dan Bender for mayor.

Kevin Wentworth

Red Wing