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Letter: Stone lists ideas

To the Editor:

During the past year I have attended most City Council meetings to better understand the process and to see how the tax dollars are spent.

When I address the council with a concern, it is always my goal to follow up with a positive suggestion.

For example: I am opposed to LGA money and how it is allocated. The City Council claims to invest in the city's residents. I suggested that this money is given straight to the property owners for replacing or repairing driveways or retaining walls as many live on the foot of bluffs and hills. How about siding, windows, insulation and the list goes on.

Property values go up as well as pride in ownership. This is a win-win situation. This is not unprecedented. I also included suggestions for easy payback for practical property improvements.

If you feel this is a good suggestion, I encourage you to contact your City Council representative and ask what happens to suggestion like this?

Red Wing is a municipal corporation. If this gives the "strength" to the city administrator, City Council and staff, who is really responsible for the decline of downtown? Why are the essential businesses of late built in the northern end of town? Why hasn't a firehouse been built in the Burnside area?

Yet we entertain a civic center, expanding the marina, bike paths and sidewalks?

A well-run city needs to provide essential needs to its residents, not some fanciful utopia.

Our city employees are stretched and our men and women in uniform are stretched thin too.

With your help, it will be my goal to reduce wasteful government management and to enhance the hands-on employees that get things done.

I don't claim to have all the answers; I will rely on you for help there.

Please visit my website for further information.

I ask for your support June 11. Above all, please do get out and vote.

Ernest Stone

Red Wing

Ernest Stone is candidate for mayor.