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Letters: Sachen has common sense, brings people together

To the Editor:

I have known John Sachen's family for years and watched as John tackled a tough local issue and subsequently sought public office.

He is an intelligent, thoughtful man of integrity. When he becomes involved in an issue, he researches in depth and carefully listens to both sides of the question before making an informed decision. He is well equipped to clearly express his viewpoint and bring consensus among people of various points of view.

John would be an excellent representative of our community and a positive influence in the policy-making functions of city government. He has a balanced vision for our city and will work with his constituents and businesses to effect positive growth while maintaining the character of our community.

Please, join me in voting for John Sachen in this special city election.

Barbara Roome

Red Wing

To the Editor:

We are blessed to live in or near Red Wing. This community radiates its culture, respects its history and promotes it progressive attributes that have resulted in good business, good jobs and a great quality of life. On many occasions outsiders have expressed to me how lucky I am to live near Red Wing and how great a place it is to visit.

It got this way in a large part due to outstanding mayors we have had over several decades. They exhibited the qualities of integrity, intelligence, character and community that made them strong ambassadors.

This election is extremely important to continue this positive trend and keep Red Wing a vibrant community progressing forward and finding solutions to challenges ahead.

The candidates all seem to possess many of these attributes needed for the job. However, one stands out as being more qualified to do the job: John Sachen.

John has demonstrated leadership qualities at Hearth and Home Industries and at Red Wing Shoe. As a member of the management team, he uses skills to lead and work with employees. He is intelligent and possesses common sense when addressing problems and concerns. Gifted with understanding and lots of energy, he has proven to be a real asset.

John is a great family man who is active in his church and in the neighborhood -- always ready to volunteer his leadership skills and energy.

Not long ago he demonstrated his abilities when he helped to solve a sewage sludge waste disposal problem. This issue had placed the city council and the neighborhood at odds with each other. But John's effort resulted in an alternative solution and saved the city from a considerable needless expenditure.

John Sachen is more that qualified to be mayor and has aggressively pursued this goal. He will work hard with the City Council on the challenges ahead.

We need a person who possesses all the qualities of past mayors and will work for progressive solutions with a solid understanding of fiscal responsibility.

Please vote, and when you do, choose John Sachen for the next mayor of Red Wing.

Ed Watzl