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Letters: Stone is a mayor we can build on

To the Editor:

Checking the current list of mayoral candidates, Ernie Stone stands out in my mind. Not because he's flashy, not that he's gimmicky in rhetoric, but as another said to me on exiting last week's candidate forum: "I like his answers to the questions here."

Having talked to Ernie, read his background, etc., I agreed his responses were honest, sincere, thought-out and concerning our community - not promoting Stone's career or future.

Ernie appears to have learned from life, that government costs and citizens pay that cost. Business is for citizens and when government gets into business it takes away a taxpaying entity and replaces it with additional cost to the taxpayer.

A man who's worked with his hands, with people, with need for thinking and planning has learned to respect other people's money. I think Mr. Stone will respect Red Wing citizen's money and time.

He understands that "nice" does not constitute "must have." I cast my vote for Ernie Stone.

Catherine Huisman

Red Wing

To the Editor:

Just like stones are solid and we use them to build when we want strength and fortitude, so we should vote for Ernie Stone for Red Wing's next mayor June 11.

Ernie exhibits quiet strength and a strong backbone in the face of conflict. Ernie has firm opinions about keeping the citizens of Red Wing informed and involved in their city's future. He realizes the importance of an informed citizenry so that government remains committed to serving its citizens and not the other way around.

Ernie regularly attends City Council meetings and has for many months. He's shown civic mindedness and involvement at these meetings and also in being an election judge, an active Toastmaster's member and an effective Memorial Park volunteer. At the City Council meetings he asks intelligent questions and offers informed answers. That involvement has given him a firm foundation regarding the complex issues of dealing with Mississippi National Golf Links, the waste management incinerator and the details surrounding state bonding money.

We need Ernie Stone: a solid, caring, civic minded and involved mayor. He's a candidate who cares about Red Wing's future and the concerns of its citizens.

Vote Ernest Stone on June 11. You won't regret it

Mary Kreidler

Red Wing