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Letters: Kocina is good fit for Red Wing

To the Editor:

I have lived in Red Wing my whole life. Growing up on the river and fishing whenever I want has been a passion for all these years. I find this city one of the most beautiful places in Minnesota.

I truly believe that Beth Kocina will concentrate on keeping our city and surrounding areas clean and healthy.

I would not like to see this town dug up and scarred by sand mining and other destructive industries.

There are also other concerns. Our river shores are eroding from river traffic and our islands on the Mississippi are disappearing. We need someone to pay close attention to what is happening to our environment.

Kocina is very concerned about our environment and its wellbeing.

I also would trust Beth to monitor the distribution of our tax dollars. She would be a great influence in our town and she would not be afraid to step up to the plate and confront senseless spending.

Beth Kocina is a person of trust.

Nicholas Edmison

Red Wing

To the Editor:

Can we get rid of the intense politics and get back to the basics of working for the city of Red Wing?

I'm pretty sure that the mayor position is a working position. Beth Kocina wants to work and listen to the people of Red Wing. Kocina will listen to our citizens of all ages especially the seniors that have so much experience and knowledge of our town. She says so on her campaign signs.

Want to talk? She, as well as myself, think of the mayor position as being a liaison between the citizens of Red Wing and the city government. Beth will be this person.

I have known Beth for over 30 years. She has always been employed in a position that has required her to come face to face with our local people. She has worked with Goodhue County Public Health and the city of Red Wing for many years and is now an insurance agent that has the opportunity of direct communication and constant diligence.

Beth Kocina and her husband, Doug, are deeply concerned about our environment and will not allow the deterioration of our lands and rivers. They are members of the Isaac Walton League and are always willing to volunteer their time to help conserve our wildlife and resources.

Beth is very concerned about our local economy and our unemployment rate. She believes that the answer to a good economy is to invest in our local businesses. She could have saved some money on her campaign material by shopping on the Internet or out-of-town companies. This is not what Beth is about, she purchased her materials from our local businesses.

To point this town in the right direction, vote Elizabeth Kocina for mayor.

Mary Marks

Red Wing

To the Editor:

Here's a friendly reminder that Red Wing votes for a new mayor next Tuesday, June 11. I would encourage all that can to get out and vote.

My vote will be for Beth Kocina, who with her previous city experience, her un-biased approach towards issues and excellent communications skills, seems to be a great fit.

We have a lot of work to do and I trust Beth Kocina to get the job done.

Chet Lundell

Red Wing