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Letters: Consider confident, candid Tix

To the Editor:

I hope our next mayor is a reformer; someone who really wants to help people and has a fresh, independent vision.

I attended the League of Women Voters forum May 30. I was impressed by Samantha Tix. She seems well suited to public service. Tix was confident and candid. Tix said she will seek public input and listen to residents.

Tix had the very best new ideas to revitalize downtown. She was the only candidate who said Red Wing should be represented as the silica sand mining ordinances of surrounding communities are created, since our residents will all be affected by nearby frac sand mining.

Regarding appointments to boards and commissions, Tix said, "I would encourage more average citizen involvement."

She also had the best answer to why do you want to be mayor? Tix said, "I want to be mayor to improve the lives of the people of Red Wing. I want to restore trust in local government, and I want to be the voice of the people."

I hope our next mayor is Samantha Tix. She has my vote.

Erica Malles

Red Wing

To the Editor:

If you are planning to vote for the next Red Wing mayor Tuesday, you may want to catch a replay of the League of Women Voters candidate debate on cable Channel 6.

As I watched the forum, I was looking for the truth behind the answers. Some candidates let slip their favorite backers. The Chamber of Commerce was clearly behind one candidate. Of course, organized labor has a candidate, too. A few other candidates actually support frac sand mining.

It is a political minefield for voters to wade through.

The genuine, from-the-heart (and sometimes heartwarming) answers came from Samantha Tix. After everything I have seen and read, and especially after seeing Samantha Tix on TV, she is the overwhelming best person to represent Red Wing as mayor.

It is pretty clear Samantha Tix is running for the right reasons.

I believe her friendly attitude would lead to more participation and create a much stronger community.

Ruth Beyers

Red Wing

To the Editor:

Samantha Tix is an exceptional candidate for Red Wing mayor. I have known Samantha and her family since the 1990s. She has been fully engaged in the community as an educator (tutoring students in reading), coach and as a parent.

She is more than a good listener; she's a problem-solver and tireless organizer. No voter should doubt Samantha's capability to work with strong-willed people holding diverse opinions.

We will benefit from a dynamic and insightful person representing us in the mayor's office; and we are lucky to have someone of Samantha's caliber willing to donate so much of her time to this position. Please join me in supporting Samantha Tix on June 11 for election to mayor of Red Wing.

Jody Nash

Red Wing