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Editorial: Volunteers

Soaring high: We suspect the new volunteer coordinator will give the city of Red Wing its biggest bang for the buck in fiscal 2013 -- and that's despite not coming on board until the second quarter.

Lori Brandl's primary responsibility is to maximize volunteer opportunities and connect people to the opportunity that best meets their skills.

But Brandl also will start tracking the number of people who help the city, the number of hours they donate and, we hope, the estimated value, i.e. the number of tax dollars saved.

The city's human capital may just surprise the community. Be inspired to give a little of your own.

Soaring high: Our kids do many things well. Today the Republican Eagle begins its annual series of high school graduation features. But also in these pages you'll read about students doing many other things -- from sporting events to outdoor education, from reading to exploring.

We salute the students, their teachers, coaches and parents as well as the many group organizations that have their best interests at heart.

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