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Share your thoughts on who should become mayor

The endorsement letters for Red Wing's special mayoral election have started trickling into our office. There are less than four weeks before June 11, when citizens will decide which of six candidates will become the community's titular head. The time to weigh in is now.

Here is the Republican Eagle's policy regarding election commentary:

• You may submit only one letter for this special election.

• The letter should not exceed 350 words, but shorter is better. All letters will be edited for content, length and grammar. Get to the point.

• Letters that add something to the debate have priority; we will edit or decline to print letters that repeat what others have already said.

• Letters may be pointed, even critical, but personal attacks aren't allowed.

• We may group short letters from several people about the same candidate under a single headline.

• Letters must be original.

• All letters must be signed. Include a daytime phone number so we can verify the authorship if necessary.

• Letters in response to paid advertising will not be accepted.

Write by May 31

The deadline for letters that raise new issues or question a candidate's stance on an issue is 5 p.m. May 31. We will publish those June 5. That will give candidates and other people a chance to respond in the June 8 edition.

This will be a short campaign, without a primary election. That means letters, debates and forums could be key in helping shape the race.

Please don't wait to submit your letter. There's a chance that having six candidates for a single race could result in many last-minute endorsements. Your letter stands a better chance of being published -- and attracting readers' attention -- if you send it sooner rather than later.

Questions for candidates

The Republican Eagle soon will begin a series of question-and-answer reports with the candidates. Typically, the paper runs these and brief bios in a single edition, but since six people are seeking the office and there is no primary election, the R-E will ask more questions and publish candidate's answers one or two at time in the coming weeks.

We invite readers to submit questions or concerns. We will try incorporate them into the format.

Send your question to or call me at 651-301-7870.