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Editorial: Burning issue

We are serious when we say Red Wing has a burning issue that doesn't seem to have caught fire with the public. There's a genuine possibility that the incinerator will shut down July 1.

Where will your local garbage go then? Will your rates increase? How will the lack of steam power coming form the incinerator affect S.B. Foot Tannin Co.?

Red Wing prided itself in the 1980s on creating a public-private partnership that shifted the community away from landfilling and therefore moved us up to the state's environmental hierarchy.

Burning waste to generate power was so important, state officials said, that metro communities would have to stop dumping trash in dumps. But that hasn't happened, so public pressure is needed.

Ironically, citizens seem engaged -- some of them enraged -- that another 1980s project closed this year: Mississippi National Golf Links.

That issue is big, the environment is bigger. We hope the city leaders and citizens will start turning up the heat.