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Editorial: Campaign begins

Six candidates for mayor. We wish every election offered voters as much choice for a single office as the June 11 special election will.

Unfortunately, this time choice comes with risk: Voters will not have the opportunity to narrow the broad field through a primary election. A single-issue candidate could rally the troops, so to speak, and win with as little as 17 percent of the vote.

Now that filing is completed and the slate set, the real work begins.

Candidates must make their case. Several people have little or no civil experience, but may bring new ideas and other life experiences to the table. Those candidates who have public service on their resumes will want to make clear what they have done and what they intend to do.

Citizens then must do their homework.

People need to take this two-month campaign seriously and weigh all factors and issues -- not just sand or Mississippi National Golf Links or sidewalks or a civic center -- for the good of Red Wing.