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Put your events on R-E's community calendars

The FYI page has long been a reader favorite. In addition to obituaries, the briefs and calendar make FYI especially helpful for readers. For many of them, the FYI page is the first place they look.

People call or e-mail us with information for publication. The process is simple and free. We publish the brief and automatically add it to the print calendar, publishing a three to five days of the FYI calendar at a time.

Our revamped Web site -- -- has an enhanced calendar feature that we believe our online readers will find just as useful for their needs.

People will find the calendar in the middle column of the homepage near the top. Five items appear each day. To read the complete listing for a given day, click on "calendar." Use the "next day" button to scroll through future dates.

While staff takes items from published briefs and stories and adds them to the FYI calendar each day, the online version relies entirely on readers' direct contributions.

That means if you wish to see your event listed in the online calendar, open the calendar, click on "submit your event" and follow the prompts. It's that simple.

The event will appear after a staff member approves publication.

The same rules apply for print and online calendars: Events should be local. Club meetings and public events are accepted. Businesses and individuals may not use the calendar for advertising purposes.

One advantage that the online calendar has over its print cousin is versatility. It's not limited by space available on a page, so people can look six weeks or six months ahead if they wish. People also can include a few details -- similar to the details an FYI brief has --when they submit an online calendar listing.

I'll be sharing information in coming weeks about other changes or enhancements to our Web site. If you have questions about the site or the newspaper, please contact me at or (651) 301-7870. Other readers may be wondering about the same things.

In the meantime, look at the R-E calendars. We hope readers, both print and online, will ask themselves, "What's on my calendar this week?" and then submit items to help make the calendars more useful for everyone in the community.