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Letter: Teens getting the wrong message

To the Editor:

The incident could have happened anywhere, I suppose, but it happened in Red Wing. No, I can't prove it, but the story is being told. Listen:

A group of boys gathered at a fast food joint. A possum wanders into the parking lot. One of the boys says, "Let's go get the possum." And they do.

1. They run over it with a car. It doesn't die.

2. They stone it. It doesn't die.

3. They beat it with a baseball bat. It is still "twitching."

4. One of the boys slits its throat.

The boy using the throat slitting technique is a student of religion. He feels no remorse because, as he says, "Possums are evil, they do not have souls", as he relates the story to someone he thinks will laugh with him.

Has your son or daughter heard this story? Is it on its way to becoming an urban legend or did it really happen? Why did it happen? M

Maybe this boy is learning about what religion can do to change his life, but he seems to be absorbing some ill-fated information along the way.

God created all living creatures with purpose whether they have souls or not. Even the boy who slit the possum's throat has been created for a purpose. If this is his way of searching for his purpose, his dedication to God, what comes next?

How sad there isn't something better for him and his friends to do than attack a defenseless creature created by the very God he worships and acknowledges as the one who will set him above others in the quest for answers about Life.

Karen Borgstrom