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Letter: Schools need your help

To the Editor:

On Sept. 9 we have a unique and wonderful opportunity, a chance to have a voice in how your tax dollars will be spent. The Red Wing School District's levy referendum will take place on that date.

Right now, committees are being formed to start the education process for this important decision. You are being invited to join the effort, request a speaker for your formal or informal meeting group, or just to stay tuned and get informed.

The school funding issue is a complex one, but one that affects all of us whether you have children in the school district or not. A quality education system is vital to the health of our community today and for its future.

It is not often you have an opportunity to vote on how your tax dollars are spent; make sure your vote is an informed one.

To volunteer, request a speaker, or seek additional information please contact:

Paul Reding

(651) 388-1445

Kim Brown


(651) 388-1793

Co-chairs of the Yes and Yes Committee