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Legal immigration enriches nation

To the Editor:

I find it interesting that, while many of the country's cities are taking steps to deal with the growing problem of illegal immigration, Red Wing is rapidly becoming a sanctuary city under the guise of diversity. Are we expected to be foolish enough to believe that the majority of people of Mexican descent living here are legal?

I recently met a wonderful Chinese young lady and her 4-year-old son while riding the bus. Both she and her husband were well educated and were trying desperately to gain permanent legal status without much luck.

Conversely, residents of Mexico are simply walking across our border.

Their illegal entry has placed an enormous burden on our schools, health care, law enforcement and social services and, down the line, could easily bankrupt an already troubled Social Security system. The influx of illegal drugs and criminals that are coming across the border is staggering.

Of course, to point out this growing problem is to be labeled a racist and anti-diversity and immigration.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are an immigrant country; legal immigration is who we are. As for diversity, I feel that it enriches our communities and adds to our society and its institutions.

An expectation of American citizens is to obey the laws of this country. In turn, shouldn't this be the least we should expect from the people entering our county.