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Letter: Public works staff salute public

To the Editor:

Every day from the moment we awaken to when we turn off the last light at bedtime, we rely on public works infrastructure with barely a second thought. Often the people who provide the water you drink, the roads on which you drive and fields upon which your children play, do so with little fanfare.

Once a year, however, these anonymous workers stop briefly to take stock in the services they provide and celebrate the successes of the previous year. This year's celebration -- National Public Works Week -- is May 18-24. The celebrations consist of mayors signing proclamations and city councils thanking public works staff for service to the public they serve.

At the same time, we the public workers responsible for the delivery of those services, thank you the public for entrusting in us the responsibility of serving you in a way which makes the lives of your family just a little easier. As National Public Works Week occurs, please accept a tip of the cap from all of us who enjoy serving you, our most cherished customer.

Denny Tebbe, Red Wing

Denny Tebbe is director of Red Wing Public Works.