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Aerie: Red Wing Homecoming -- what is it?

Taylor Heise, left, Carly Boisen and Keyah Mizer were 3 of 12 candidates on the homecoming royal court. Samantha Bengs / RiverTown Multimedia

Rachel Hauschildt is an Aerie reporter

Former teammates, teachers, coaches and graduates, current teachers, coaches, parents, friends and students all get together to watch the home team play a game — one that students have been playing their whole, entire lives.

Football may be the main event that everyone is going to attend, however, the other festivities before and after the game are as important.

During the the week of Oct. 2-6, 2017, Red Wing High School students are partaking in a handful of activities. Every day of the week, students will show off their Winger pride by dressing up in the schoolwide theme days.

On Friday, the pep fest, parade and football game will take place. Filled with energic high schoolers, the parade starts at Twin Bluff Middle School and ends at Sunnyside Elementary. All grades will watch a variety of floats march up to celebrate homecoming.

Homecoming means a lot of different things. To Madison Peterson, a freshman, t means, "coming together and making new friends."

Maddie Sutherland, a senior, also commented on the meaning. "To me it a time where I get to spend time with my friends and share school spirit."

One of the major homecoming components is pep band. For some it is a requirement, for others it is how they get involved. Tyler Weidrick, a senior, has been playing in pep band since freshman year while it was optional.

"Homecoming to me means a time of great community gathering to play music," he said.

He also later commented on how it showcases possible band interest in younger students. "It a time to play great music."

Google translation of homecoming: instance of coming home.

It does not just relate to football games, but to all people coming home. With this in mind, I think that homecoming got started by bringing friends and family home. It may be just a football game, but it symbolizes coming home and being with the ones who they love.

Frau Shelley Orr, the German language teacher, has been organizing this event since her daughter asked her to be the homecoming adviser. "I just never quit, it has been a lot of fun."

She said that she loved organizing the pep fest the best. The reason being, with the band, everything is very upbeat and it energizes the room.

Her main job is to supervise the students who plan the event. Giving responsibility to juniors and seniors helping out with the event.

Homecoming is important because it is a time to celebrate friends, and family. It is a time to bring everyone home and show off our school pride. Football is simply the Americanized sport that brings it all together.