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Walkway on iconic tower closed for repairs

 The "tea room" at the top of the Anderson Center's iconic tower will be open for the Minnesota Children's Book Festival Saturday, Sept. 16, but no one will be allowed out on the walkway that encircles the historic structure.

Originally the water tower serving A.P. Anderson's Tower View estate on Highway 61 at Highway 19, the structure features copper panels on the exterior of the walkway.

"This allowed water to infiltrate," causing damage to the walls, according to Anderson Center Executive Director Christopher Burawa.

The center received a $10,000 Legacy grant through the Minnesota Historical Society and brought in MacDonald and Mack Architects to conduct a "conditions assessment" of the wall around the walkway, Burawa said.

At the architect's recommendation, "We restricted access" and put a safety fence around the base in the case any pieces of concrete should come loose and fall.

The large room on top of the tower will be open during the book fair.

"It's known as the 'tea room' because that's where Lydia Anderson would have her tea parties," he said. The ceiling is painted with stars.

As in past years, a storytelling duo known as the WonderWeavers will conduct a storytelling session in the tea room during the book fair, which runs from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday.