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Eide takes cue from 'Breaking Bad' for second self-help book

Author Lee A. Eide will be releasing "The (Breaking) Bad Path to Enlightenment and Sobriety," a sequel to his first self-help book, Nov. 24 via Smashwords, Inc. Pre-orders for the eBook, which will sell for $1.99, can be made on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Gardners, Kobo, OverDrive and Scribd.

"'The Bad Path to Enlightenment and Sobriety'" is a compilation of all the "Breaking Bad"-related blog posts published on my "Join the Spiritual Evolution: Live Beyond Your Ego" blog. "Breaking Bad" is my favorite TV series ever with "Archer" being an incredibly close second," Eide said. "I streamed every 'Bad' episode of the series on my old iPhone over the course of about two and a half months. In each post, after recapping the plot, I show how Walter White's actions illustrate the theme and principles in my first self-help book. About two years after publishing my last 'Bad' post, it occurred to me that I probably had a book's worth of material. So I compiled all the posts and sure enough, there were around 345 pages."