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Letter: Ban nuclear weapons

All over the country and especially in Japan there were ceremonies commemorating the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These are always very solemn events which make us think about the decisions made to use such weapons.

The argument that these bombs shortened World War II or were unnecessary persist. What we do know is that over a quarter million civilians were instantly exterminated and many more thousands died over the next few decades as a direct result. I wonder when we can stop justifying that these deaths were worth the saving of a million more deaths that might have, but didn't happen.

The persistent idea that the use of atomic bombs on Japan were necessary to save lives only perpetuates the idea that these weapons should be used again and are all right in certain situations. This is very dangerous thinking and might explains why we have people in the United States who believe that a nuclear war is winnable. With over 15,000 nuclear devices in the world, this idea is absolutely insane.

The possession of nuclear weapons as instruments of war is immoral and makes modern warfare even more immoral. The idea that these weapons are necessary to win a war or even prevent war is genocidal.

The idea that one person can decide to use these weapons is beyond belief. No one person should ever be put into a position to decide to use such weapons.

That is why we must bans all nuclear weapons and weapons yet to be developed that could be even worse.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing