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Letter: Supporting CVT is an investment in county's future

To the editor:

We hope that Goodhue County, Red Wing and Cannon Falls governments increase their support for the Cannon Valley Trail over the next 10 years to complete the necessary improvements and repairs on the trail.

We are avid bikers/hikers and the Cannon Valley Trail is the best trail in the world (in our opinion). It is quiet (without unnecessary car traffic), has beautiful scenery and wildlife, and is between two of the sweetest little towns in Minnesota.

We live in the Cities and come down weekly for an enjoyable time on the trail. The Cannon Valley Trail has been a special part of our lives for about 10 years and biking/hiking has helped us stay fit and improved our quality of life.

We have met many interesting people on the Trail and no matter how many times we ride or hike the Trail, it just never gets old.

We are looking forward to many more years of coming to Red Wing and Cannon Falls to ride, hike, eat and shop. We know it is expensive keeping asphalt and bridges in good condition, but it is an investment in Goodhue County's future.

Thank you for your beautiful trail and thank you for your support keeping it maintained for our future.

Joanne and David Atwell

Cottage Grove