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Northside highways 52 and 58 to close in Zumbrota

Drivers using highways 58 and 52 will notice a two-ramp closure while two other ramps reopen. The northbound Highway 52 off-ramp at Highway 58 is scheduled to reopen later today, May 9.

Crews have been building a temporary bypass road to maintain access during construction to businesses on the east side of the interchange. Last Friday, the Highway 60 east interchange at Highway 52 reopened to traffic. An area of Highway 60 east of Highway 52 has been paved and widened to allow a turnaround area for traffic to use during the next detour.

The next detour will begin this evening. Two ramps will be closed on the north side of the Highway 52 and Highway 58 interchange: the southbound Highway 52 off-ramp and the northbound Highway 52 on-ramp.

Detours for these closures is to go southbound on Highway 60 east exit.

Once motorists have crossed under Highway 52, there is a widened and paved area for motorists to turn around and take the Highway 60 east ramp onto Highway 52 northbound to then proceed to the Highway 58 exit at Zumbrota. The Highway 58 bridge remains open to connect to the west side businesses and county road via the bridge after exiting Highway 52 northbound.

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