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City outlines 2017 finances

Red Wing City Council

City Financial Director Marshall Hallock outlined a more than $2 million property tax levy increase over last year at the city's Truth-in-Taxation meeting Monday, driving the total 2017 levy up to $21,595,473.

Debt service made up the most substantial portion of the levy increase, accounting for about 45 percent of the increase at $919,553.

For each tax dollar collected from the owners of property valued at about $150,000, 46 cents go to the city of Red Wing, 28 cents go to Goodhue County, 24 cents go to the school district and the remaining 2 cents go to the Port Authority and Housing & Redevelopment Authority.

"We're not insensitive to property taxes," Hallock said. "We understand that property taxes represent a burden on the community, and we're optimistic that at least part of this presentation helps people understand where they are invested in their community, what services and infrastructure they put in place at the end of the day to make Red Wing a better place to live, play and work."

Information about state programs that offer property tax relief, he said, is available at

Proposed general fund expenditures for 2017 are expected to reach $24,918,552, representing a nearly 1 percent increase from the December 2016 resolution.

Approximately half of the proposed expenditures will go toward public safety, which accounts for 26.6 percent, and transfers and contingencies, which account for 22.6 percent.

Other significant areas included culture and recreation, 15.9 percent, and public works at 13.9 percent.

State law requires the city to hold a Truth-in-Taxation hearing to inform citizens of the taxes expected in the coming year and to give them a chance to comment. The public comment period passed with no citizens signed up to speak. All city council members were present for the meeting.