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Examine history and help peace thrive

To the Editor:

"Peace be with you" are some of the oldest words in the English language. Certainly, they are some of the oldest words in any language because without peace, there is only violence and discord: no progress, and no future.

So, as the annual retreat for peace called "Pigstock" approaches, it may be time to re-evaluate the peace dividend and reconsider the true costs of militarism.

As the world nears the limits of resource consumption, where are all of our precious resources going? If the answer is to the cost of war, then they are going up in smoke.

We are all taught that the price of peace is war, but is it really? What if the cost of war is the dividend that never gets paid for living in peace?

The $1 trillion cost of the Iraq War was paid so that Americans can be confined to their bases in Iraq as personas non grata.

That is the reality of "Mission Accomplished." That is the sorrow of "War be with you."

The seventh annual Pigstock is this Saturday and is only four miles north of Red Wing at Windbeam Farm off of Highway 63 at 750th Street near Hager City.

Alternative thinking will come out in a forum of Pulitzer Prize winning author Chris Hedges and female soldier Helen Benedict, who both share a passionate love of their country without the need for blind militarism.

That is what Pigstock is ... a place to examine history and a place to contemplate a better future.

Pigstock isn't about being naive, it is about what some of the best thinkers in America have to say about changing course. It is about what can be done to expand the blessings of one of the oldest greetings amongst human beings, "Peace be with you."

Paul Drotos

Red Wing