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We must publicly support peace

To the Editor:

Listening to President Obama's speech he delivered in Cairo, I sensed he was speaking to each and every one of us and not just to the Muslim World.

It is up to us to help him achieve these goals by showing public support and backing up the president. We will not all agree with everything Obama said (me included) but we must all have one goal -- world peace.

One thing he said I very much agree with: "Violence is a dead end." Mankind has been guilty of using way too much violence to achieve its ends, including the United States. We cannot go on the way we have with nuclear weapons. Possessing nuclear weapons is a form of terrorism.

Peace can only be achieved by meeting the basic needs for all world citizens. A small percentage of what the world pays for defense could achieve this.

It was refreshing on the same day to see two letters on this page about peace. I thank both Ms. Siewert and Ms. Hua for writing them. It is good to see new voices speak for peace (R-E, June 3).

However, what is truly needed is not only editorials for peace but public profession to seek peace.

Our numbers for seeking world peace in John Rich Park have decreased these past few years, but I know there are many of you who desire the same thing we want. We will not achieve this goal if you do not join us in the park or in cities all over the world. Only in very large numbers will a public profession of people working to achieve world peace succeed.

I hope you can join us and watch our numbers grow and we can all speak with one loud voice. It is not impossible. We should be able to accept the idea of peace as easily as we have accepted the idea of war.

I also invite you to learn about why we need to seek a more peaceful existence by attending Pigstock in Hager City July 18. We have two highly noted authors speaking: Chris Hedges, a 2002 Pulitzer Prize winner, who has reported from war zones all over the world and Helen Benedict of Columbia University, wrote "The Lonely Soldier." She interviewed dozens of women veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. She writes of the hardships women face in the armed forces.

For more information go to

See you there and peace to you.

Bill Habedank

Red Wing