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Letter: Appreciate the Humane Society

To the Editor:

In response to April 29 letter regarding Humane Society fees, I think the writer has missed the point.

She should be thankful that she got her pets back safe and sound. It may have only been 24 hours, but during that time the could have been injured, killed, lost for good, stolen or put others in the community at risk.

So hurray for the neighbor, police and Humane Society!

As to the cost, why not consider that it costs a lot to support all the services that Humane Society provides and consider this episode your chance to finally contribute to the good causes that it supports.

Some people even donate time and money without even having a lost pet.

I believe if more people volunteered, they wouldn't feel robbed. They would instead feel rewarded -- and appreciative of the tremendous effort put forth by the Humane Society with the limited funds and support that the organization gets from the community.

Steve Monchamp

Lake City