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Letter: Humane Society fees are robbery

To the Editor:

I am not against having a Humane Society in any way. In fact, I fully believe in having one.

I am against ripping off the public.

My 3-year-old son let our dogs out April 18. Our male dog was registered and the female dog wasn't quite old enough to be registered.

A nice lady called it in and left a message for me. She was not a police officer or anyone from the Humane Society of Goodhue County. She was just trying to help.

Unfortunately, she didn't know how the Humane Society tends to charge outrageous prices to get your own pets back.

She called the police, who without trying to call me, took them to the Humane Society. The Humane Society didn't call me until the next day.

I asked when they called how much it was going to cost. They told me $70 for the female and $65 for the male. They hadn't even had them for 24 hours: They got them right before closing and called me right when they opened.

I told them how outrageous this was. They told me they raised their prices. I could have gone out and bought another papillon for that price. I felt robbed.

I understand I was guilty of not keeping the dogs contained. Since then, we have installed an invisible fence.

How many people have been forced to sacrifice their pet to the Humane Society? What is the point of getting a dog registered?

I believe more people would volunteer and donate if they didn't feel robbed. I know I would.

Jennifer Omodt

Red Wing