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Falk Auto Body celebrates 50 years in business

Keeping a business going for 50 years may take changing with the industry and staying on top of technology.

It may also require diversifying your product or services.

It may take a lot of things, but more than anything, it takes hard work.

Falk Auto Body is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The body shop, with Zumbrota and Red Wing locations, is successful for a lot of reasons, but owners Don and Nancy Falk know what it takes to make it to a golden anniversary.

"It doesn't just happen," Don Falk said. "It's something you have to work at."

And they do.

"We practically live this day and night," he said.

Falk Auto Body was started in 1958 by Don's father; Don bought the business in 1980. Nancy joined the business in 1993, the same year she married Don. The couple met through business dealings, they said, when she worked for her father's car dealership.

The company opened its Red Wing location in 1995 after it saw more and more business coming from the community.

Since the Eisenhower administration, the body shop has added detailing and truck accessories to its list of services, and now does most of its paperwork on computers. Body work, however, remains the shops bread and butter.

The Falks added that their employees are crucial to the shop's success.

The store will serve refreshments Friday in celebration of its 50 years.