Air Force drop zone request at Red Wing Regional Airport


City of Red Wing has been asked to consider the potential use of the Red Wing Regional Airport as a drop zone for Air Force training purposes.

The Airport Board will discuss and listen to recommendations on what the next steps are during a meeting 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6.

An email for the request was sent from Brandon Schrader, chief of weapons and tactics to Rick Moskwa, Red Wing public works director, states:

"The 934th Airlift Wing is searching for a drop zone closer to MSP for training. This drop zone would be a tertiary drop zone for us and would potentially be used 50-80 times a year. We conduct airdrops from 500-1,000 feet," Schrader said. "Our airdropped loads are a 15 pound sandbag with a small parachute, which are under canopy for up to 30 seconds."

For more information, see the Airport Board agenda at