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New faces and fond farewells

Retiring patrol officer Jeff Mund (left) and Chief Roger Pohlman (far right) look on as Chris Palmatier commends Mund's service to Twin Bluff Middle School. (Photo by James Clinton)

At the March 27 meeting, Red Wing City Council welcomed several new faces while bidding a fond farewell to a pair of dedicated public servants.

First, City Council Administrator Kay Kuhlmann welcomed Dan Rogness, the city's new community development director.

"Like Kay Kuhlmann, I previously worked in Prior Lake," Rogness said. "The staff there could not say enough positive things about Kay, or about the City of Red Wing. I knew that I was joining a great city, and I knew I would have a great boss."

Rogness also addressed the recent city reorganization that led to his hire. "I think the community development model you've chosen is the correct one, and I'm here to help you achieve success in that new model."

Next, Police Chief Roger Pohlman introduced Jeff Mund, a retiring patrol officer. Mund has worked for the Red Wing Police Department since 1997, after getting his start in nearby Kenyon.

"Every day on the job, officer Mund showed concern for the citizens of Red Wing," Pohlman said. "He worked for several years at Twin Bluff Middle School, and has served the city well."

Chris Palmatier, the principal at Twin Bluff, requested to speak on behalf of the school. Presenting a photograph of Mund interacting with a Twin Bluff student, Palmatier praised Mund's impact.

"He's part of the fabric of the school," Palmatier said. "He always talks to students and visits with staff. Jeff has a warm smile for the students every single day. He's a part of our community." Turning to a sizable crowd of citizens and police officers, Palmatier concluded, "Twin Bluff is grateful for his service."

Jeff Mund, clearly humbled by the appreciation, reflected on his career.

"When I started in Red Wing, we had two typewriters for police staff to do their reports on." He said with a chuckle.

"Things have changed," Mund continued. "When you work at a school, you get to see how many great kids there are in Red Wing. That's a credit to the great job their parents do as well. I truly believe the strength of Red Wing is its citizens."

After a standing ovation for Mund concluded, Pohlman welcomed Andrew Dahl to the podium to be sworn in as the city's newest patrol officer. Dahl recently completed a probationary period with the city. Officer Nick Sather also spoke in appreciation of Mund's service.

Mund is not the only valued public servant retiring.

Dave Borgen, Joint Recreation Board manager, is also about to enjoy a well-deserved retirement, after several decades of service to the community.

Dave Borgen addresses City Council after being recognized for his decades of service to the community.

"Dave always has a positive disposition, and his presence at community events always ensured they would run smoothly," Public Works Director Rick Moskwa said. "I thank Dave for his tremendous service to the community."

Dave Borgen, soft-spoken yet quietly confident, reflected on his work. "At recreational events, people are enjoying life. It's been a pleasure to be a part of that through the years."

Josh Thygesen, a long-time Red Wing resident, has stepped into Borgen's position.

"I'm looking forward to following in Dave's footsteps," Thygesen said. "They're big footsteps, but I'm excited about the position."