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Swenson wins treasurer slot in coin toss

A coin toss was used to settle a tie vote after township elections that saw a number of incumbents retain their positions Tuesday night.

Write-in candidate Becky Swenson was elected Leon Township treasurer after a tie with Larry Olson was broken with the flip of a coin.

Several townships also held their annual meetings and finalized levy amounts.

Here are the results:

Belle Creek

Tom Gale was elected township supervisor, and William Gorman was elected treasurer. Each candidate received 100 percent of the vote.

The levy stayed the same as last year at $143,000.


Incumbent Supervisor Stan Klair and incumbent Treasurer Kevin Voth both won in unopposed elections.

The levy remained unchanged at $125,000.

Cannon Falls

Deb Hendrickson was elected supervisor with 28 votes. Mary Ann Maneval was elected treasurer with 29 votes.

Cherry Grove

Lorin Pohlman was elected supervisor. Incumbent Julie Dyrdahl was elected treasurer.

The levy will stay the same at $134,835.


Incumbents Dave Schwartau and Chuck Kinney were re-elected supervisor and treasurer, respectively.

The levy will stay the same with $130,000 for roads and bridges, and $40,000 for general funds.


Incumbent Jim McIlrath was elected supervisor. Tom Gnotke was elected treasurer.

The levy decreased slightly to $267,250.


Dale Dicke was re-elected supervisor, and Gerald Puppe was re-elected treasurer.

The levy increased by $25,000.

Hay Creek

Scott Halverson was elected supervisor with 79 votes. Brad Kolberg was elected treasurer with 111 votes.


Mark Hernke was re-elected supervisor. Becky Swenson was elected treasurer after a coin toss tiebreaker.

The levy increased slightly to $199,350.


Write-in candidate Riley Budensiek defeated Scott Logan for supervisor. Lois Scharpen was re-elected treasurer.

The levy stayed at $170,000.

Pine Island

Les Schliep was elected supervisor, and Kenneth Markson was elected treasurer. Each candidate received all 15 votes.

The $155,000 levy remained unchanged.


Gale Hoven was elected supervisor. Write-in candidate Silvia Shelstad was elected treasurer.

Susan Ecker was elected clerk after a special election.


Dave Pederson was elected supervisor, and Jennifer Ritzman was elected treasurer.

A motion to increase the levy by $20,000 was approved, bringing it to $235,000.


Rick Samuelson was elected supervisor, and Alan Lindell was elected treasurer. Both candidates received 10 votes.

The levy increased $11,000 to $200,000.


Susan Betcher won the supervisor position with 100 percent of the vote.

The levy stayed the same at $160,746.


Len Feuling was elected supervisor in an unopposed election. Donna Enzenauer was re-elected in an unopposed election.

The levy stayed the same at $177,000.


Duwain Egland defeated Jason Fehling for supervisor 96-50. Diane McCorkell retained the position of treasurer with 125 votes.

The levy stayed the same at $180,000.


Incumbent Darwin Fox was elected supervisor, and incumbent Joan Slingsby was elected treasurer.

The levy stayed the same at $210,000.


Dean Tiedemann was elected supervisor, and Darren Pahl was elected treasurer.

The levy was increased to $150,000.

Michael Brun

Michael Brun joined RiverTown Multimedia at the Red Wing Republican Eagle in March 2013, covering county government, health and local events.  He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls journalism program.

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