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Ties, upsets and write-ins: Goodhue township election results

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While many incumbent-led races took place quietly in Goodhue County on Election Day, all of the action was happening over in Warsaw Township.

The township’s clerk of 12 years, Jimmilee Miller, planned to quit and two clerk hopefuls, Darla Frandrup and Pam Enfield, campaigned hard for the position. The result was a 50-50 split, with 50 votes coming in for Frandrup and 50 for Enfield, and they broke the tie by choosing a card. Frandrup, an administrative assistant at St. Olaf College, will be the next clerk of Warsaw Township.

“We went on the internet and looked up everything we could think of,” said Miller. “The place was all in an uproar trying to decide what to do and then when it was time to draw their cards they just went silent.”

Miller said there were about 30 people in Warsaw’s Town Hall when the tie was announced, including Enfield. Frandrup had to be called in to help break the tie.

Stanton’s special election also resulted in a tie. Because nobody filed to run for the second supervisor role, it was open for a write-in candidate and both Dave Garner and Danny Lundell received five votes.

They township is currently researching how to handle a write-in tie for a special election and Stanton will announce the winner within the 10-day election certification window.

Re-elected clerk Cheryle Peters said “if neither candidate accepts, the Board of Supervisors would follow the procedure of appointing a supervisor to the board.”

Leon Township had an upset with write-in candidate Ron Shaw winning a 3-year term for supervisor over Clifford Hanson, who was the only candidate listed on the ballot.

With nobody listed on the ballot for supervisor in Wanamingo, former supervisor Thomas Shane won back his position as a write-in candidate with 19 votes. He was previously tried for burning township election ballots in 2014 and the court sentenced him to two years probation and a $500 fine for what they considered to be a gross misdemeanor.

There was some confusion in Hay Creek over which supervisor’s term was expiring this year. So while Scott Halverson filed for re-election and was the only name on the ballot, it was actually Nate Jaeger’s term that was due to expire. Jaeger had to run a write-in campaign for supervisor and he won the position with 24 out of 26 votes.

Welch received the highest voter turnout with 112 ballots and Roscoe received the lowest voter turnout with 9 ballots.

Belle Creek

Rick Buck and Steve McNamara were re-elected as supervisor and clerk, respectively, with 13 votes each. The levy remained the same at $153,000.


Voters re-elected their incumbents. Supervisor Henry Thomforde received 20 votes and Clerk Patricia Stemmann received 21 votes.

Cannon Falls

Keith Mahoney ran for re-election uncontested and received all of the 20 votes that were cast. This was the only item on the Cannon Falls Township election ballot this year.


Write-in candidates for clerk and supervisor kept incumbents from fully dominating the township elections in Featherstone. Of the 51 ballots cast, Allan Larson was re-elected as supervisor with 40 votes and Chuck Schwartau was elected as clerk with 37 votes. The levy will remain the same with roads and bridges at $130,000 and the general fund at $40,000.

Gaye Larson, who received 14 write-in votes, said she was honored by the public’s support. “Perhaps when my health issues stabilize I will once again be able to participate in local leadership,” Larson said. “I will still listen to residents' concerns, if they want to call me.”


Mike Blair was re-elected supervisor with 62 votes and Susan Eisenmenger was re-elected clerk with 66 votes.


Both incumbents were re-elected with 16 votes each: Robert Hinsch for supervisor and David Burfeind as clerk.

Hay Creek

Nate Jaeger was re-elected supervisor and Marilyn Schilling was re-elected clerk. A $235,000 levy was approved, the same amount as last year.


Ron Shaw won a 3-year term for supervisor as a write-in candidate and Sandy Hanson was re-elected as clerk. The levy was raised almost 3 percent overall with $40,000 for general, $165,000 for roads and bridges and $31,500 for fire — $236,500 this year from $225,067.50 last year.


David Hadler was elected supervisor, Mary Veisieth was elected treasurer and Sarah Pettit was elected clerk. A levy of $185,000 was approved, the same as last year.

Pine Island

Glen Betcher was re-elected supervisor and David Arndt was re-elected clerk. A $180,000 levy was approved, the same as last year, with $28,000 for revenue, $105,000 road bridge, $45,000 for fire and $2,000 for ambulance.


Incumbents Todd Greseth, supervisor, and Susan Ecker, clerk, were re-elected to their respective positions.


Ken Burns won re-election for supervisor and Cheryle Peters won re-election for clerk. A second supervisor position was also on the ballot, however, nobody filed to run. Dave Garner and Danny Lundell are currently tied for the second supervisor spot after receiving five votes each. Stanton will use the 10-day election certification window to research the proper procedure for deciding a special election tie via write-in. The levy will remain unchanged at $240,000.

UPDATE: In a coin toss, Dave Garner won the supervisor position, but he declined the office and failed to take the oath within the required time limit. Kathy Shay, from the township's planning commission, has been appointed by the board to serve in this position for one year. The election will be re-held in 2019.


Both incumbents were re-elected with 15 votes each: Steve Hyllengren for supervisor and Jim Hedeen as clerk. The levy will remain the same as last year at $300,000.


Kirk Stensrud won re-election for supervisor with 24 votes and Susan Schuler won re-election for clerk/treasurer with 25 votes.


Tom Shane won back his supervisor position as a write-in candidate with 19 votes. Tamra Berg won re-election as clerk with 27 votes.


Emery Maher won re-election as supervisor with 97 votes, but votes were split 50-50 for the open clerk position. Darla Frandrup defeated Pam Enfield through a tie-breaker. The levy was increased by $5,000 to $205,000.


Andrew Jenson was re-elected as supervisor and incumbent clerk Ken Slingsby defeated challenger Lisa Peine. Levies will remain the same as last year with $9,000 for general, road and bridges $175,000 and fire protection $65,000. A total of 112 ballots were cast by residents in this eleciton.


Marvin Ehlers and Laurie Hoernemann won re-election for supervisor and clerk, respectively. The levy was raised, going from $170,000 to $190,000.