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City nears purchase of old Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

The city plans to purchase the Viking Coca-Cola Bottling Co. property on Bluff Street. The agreed upon purchase price is $500,000.

The purchase will include a six-stall garage with ample storage space, an office building that's slated for demolition and the bottling plant. This building will be part of the new gateway to Red Wing once the new bridge is built.

The city's deal to purchase the facility has been over a year in the making. This purchase was originally proposed in April 2016 but has been delayed over hesitation from the seller.

City staff will have 30 days to inspect the property before the purchase is completed. Once the being allowed to sell.

"I think it's a practical decision, I think it's a good business decision," said the city's real estate agent for this purchase, Tom Brown from Lawrence Realty. "My dad always said, 'I figured I paid too much for the farm' when he bought it, but he never regretted buying it. I think that's kind of what we're going to see here."