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Hog farm compromises quality of life in Zumbrota

On Monday, Zumbrota Township residents were able to discuss concerns regarding a new factory hog farm proposal in Zumbrota Township.

The informational meeting put Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on the spot when residents asked to do a more thorough environmental review on the hog farm. According to the Land Stewardship Project's news release, MPCA was "unwilling to address" the residents concerns.

The release states that during the meeting, MPCA has neglected to include quintessential information about the surrounding area, including 13 wells that citizens rely on for drinking water and four neighboring homes.

Kristi Rosenquist, Zumbrota Township resident, commented on her frustration, "We've asked the MPCA to start the environmental review over and do it right. So far, they've refused."

The Kohlnhofer family proposed the 4,700-hog feedlot with a 3.7 million-gallon liquid manure pit. This feedlot would be three times larger than any other feedlot in Zumbrota Township.

"This is our livelihood that is in jeopardy," said Land Stewardship Project member Kathy Bramble and Zumbrota Township resident. "Yet the MPCA has treated the proposers of the factory farm like customers and us like a nuisance."

During the meeting, citizens requested MPCA perform a more accurate and detailed review on environmental factors that pertain to the proposed hog farm.

As of now, there are no set dates for future meetings. The MPCA will continue to perform more reviews based on Monday's meeting. If approved by Zumbrota Township, the proposed hog farm will go before the Goodhue County Board for a vote.

Kit Murray

Kit Murray joined Red Wing Republican Eagle in Aug. 2016, covering government, transportation and public safety. She is a graduate of Minnesota State University Moorhead with a degree in photojournalism and philosophy. 

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